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StratiFi for Asset Managers

StratiFi for Asset Managers

Illustrate how your strategies can help advisors improve client outcomes and grow assets.

StratiFi for Asset Managers

Use StratiFi during in-person or virtual meetings to illustrate indexes, strategies, and products vs. competitors.

In this demo, we will cover how asset managers use StratiFi’s intuitive platform to:

  • Use the performance of their tactical strategies and investment products to quantify risk accurately
  • Illustrate the impact of their strategies without getting lost in the details
  • Analyze advisor client accounts and model portfolios using PRISM to identify areas of improvement
  • Compare risk and return of portfolios with and without their strategies to show the benefits
  • Generate easy-to-understand and compliant proposals for advisors and their clients

Learn How Asset Managers Use StratiFi

Are you ready to take your game to the next-level?

StratiFi is trusted by leading asset management firms.

Create proposals with your strategies using our sales-ready platform.

Add the historical data for your products or tactical strategies to our platform

Compare risk and return of portfolios with and without your strategies

Show advisors why and how your solution is superior for their clients

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