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CircleBlack Strikes Partnership with Risk Evaluation Tool StratiFi to Mitigate and Communicate Complex Risk Exposures

CircleBlack Strikes Partnership with Risk Evaluation Tool StratiFi to Mitigate and Communicate Complex Risk Exposures

KINGSTON, N.J., May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CircleBlack has joined forces with StratiFi, developer of award-winning PRISM Rating™ technology, to allow advisors using its wealth management platform to build better portfolios and cultivate stronger client relationships by integrating StratiFi’s risk analytics into their investment solutions. The integration will allow advisors to better educate their clients about market realities, communicate risk ranges across accounts and adjust risk exposure efficiently.

Advisors using the CircleBlack wealth management platform will benefit from StratiFi’s integration with account data that is automatically synced between the two platforms, adjustments to StratiFi parameters that are embedded in the CircleBlack experience, and key risk metrics that are highlighted on household pages. More importantly, CircleBlack’s unique recommendation engine will proactively alert advisors upon login if any accounts have passed risk ranges and might need attention. StratiFi’s risk evaluation functionality allows it to aggregate risk across accounts and households more efficiently and enhance overall portfolio oversight and supervision.

StratiFi’s PRISM Rating™ technology uses proprietary algorithms, once only available to institutional investors, to analyze thousands of securities, quantifying a portfolio’s correlation, volatility, tail, and concentrated stock risk into easily understood metrics. These scores, along with actionable insights, enable advisors to effectively mitigate risk and communicate complex risk exposures in simple terms. For more information on the new capabilities, visit: https://www.stratifi.com/solutions.

“We are building a powerful unified wealth management platform that better understands advisors and investors, providing proactive hyper-personalization to improve outcomes,” said Alex Sauickie, CEO and President of CircleBlack. “StratiFi’s more nuanced approach to risk creates an ideal partnership opportunity as CircleBlack can represent those insights at the most effective point of impact for advisors and investors. Our partnership with StratiFi arms advisors with a sophisticated new tool to better understand, monitor and communicate complex risk scenarios for individual portfolios.”

With CircleBlack, advisors choose solutions from a range of leading technology that work best with their tech stack—unlike larger platforms that often lock advisors into costly, inflexible plans with functions they may never use. The platform aggregates data from multiple feeds and seamlessly integrates with existing CRM, trading, risk and planning tools. The platform will fully integrate StratiFi into its portfolio management and performance reporting software.

The partnership is part of a drive to expand and diversify capabilities with the market’s most advanced offerings. CircleBlack is also working to add popular applications for compliance, automated marketing, automated billing and payments, and investment portfolio building services that allow advisors to review client statements to identify problem areas of previous advisors.

“StratiFi empowers financial advisors with our PRISM Rating™ technology to deliver better client results by evaluating the factors that drive risk in a clients’ entire household including held away accounts. CircleBlack’s cutting-edge platform provides a 360-degree view of an advisor’s book of business and workflows to utilize best-of-breed technologies like StratiFi from within their platform,” said Akhil Lodha, Co-founder and CEO of StratiFi Technologies. “This deep two-way integration embeds risk scoring inside an advisor’s operating system. We’re enabling advisors to understand risk across their entire book of business and respond to individual client needs during times of heightened market volatility by managing the right risks that are essential for success.”

About CircleBlack

CircleBlack, Inc. provides financial advisors with technology that aggregates data, integrates other financial applications seamlessly, manages data from multiple custodians and delivers actionable intelligence about client portfolios, helping advisors better manage clients’ wealth while growing and deepening advisor-client relationships. CircleBlack provides a leading platform built for the digital age, with a web-based and mobile application that can be taken anywhere and accessed anytime. CircleBlack’s solution leverages proprietary technology that helps sustain the Company’s unique competitive advantages. CircleBlack believes in making wealth management better, for both the investor and the advisor. For more information about CircleBlack, visit https://www.circleblack.com.

About StratiFi Technologies

StratiFi is a financial technology company that empowers investment advisors to understand portfolio and business risk better. StratiFi’s online platform gives investment advisors access to sophisticated risk management technology, usually only accessible by the largest institutions. StratiFi’s PRISM Ratings™ risk scoring technology provides advisors with a rolled-up score based on their book of business, giving them more insight into the risks in their clients’ portfolios and their own business, so they can pick the risks they want to take.

StratiFi is the recipient of several WealthManagement.com Industry Awards for the top Client-profiling and Compliance Technology for RIAs, Investment Managers, and BDs. The company is backed by key investors who are focused on financial technology, including Cboe Global Markets, Wolverine Holdings, and leading venture capital firms, including Anthemis Group, Khosla Ventures, and Y Combinator.

For more information about StratiFi, or to schedule a software demo, visit https://www.stratifi.com.

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Building the industry standard for understanding portfolio risk through cutting- edge technology at Stratifi.

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