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StratiFi Streamlines Options Investing

Akhil Lodha | June 20

In a recent study conducted by Cerulli and The Options Industry Council, 48% of advisors listed the high demand on time as the primary barrier to investing with options. Shift to advisors who formerly used options and that number jumps to a whopping 75%. Their aversion is not surprising given the complicated logistics of options investing.

If an investor wants to purchase Apple stock, there is one thing the investor purchases: Apple stock (AAPL). But if an investor wants to buy an option on Apple, there are a multitude of choices across time frames, prices, and types of options. Furthermore, with Apple stock, the investor can simply own the stock in perpetuity. With options, positions need to be regularly updated as they expire. Making the choices of which options to purchase and managing those positions are what makes option investing so darn time consuming, and keeps them out of so many portfolios.

The truth is, we can't blame advisors for making this decision. Advisors want to be out doing what they do best: helping clients achieve their financial goals. They went into the business to help people protect and grow their wealth, not to be tethered to a trading desk. The unfortunate dynamic is that options, despite their complexity, are powerful tools to achieve that protection and growth.

With StratiFi, advisors can focus on business development while we take care of risk management. We enable this through StratiFi’s advisor platform, which provides advisors with an end to end solution to manage portfolio risk. Features include:

Risk Scoring: Through our proprietary risk scoring algorithms, we automatically analyze portfolios, identify hidden risks and recommend clients that would benefit from an overlay.

Proposal Generation: We enable advisors to backtest client portfolios with actual market performance. The reports can then be used for business development and to educate clients about overlay strategies.

Trading: We execute and manage the overlays, as a sub-advisor, within the client accounts (UMA).

Performance Reporting: This functionality on the platform can be customized, printed and shared with clients.

Easy Account Linking: An advisor can link accounts to the platform via our custodial integrations.

Custodian Agnostic: We are able to support advisors without the need for moving assets and therefore minimizing disruptions

White-Labeled: We make it easy for advisors to access and integrate StratiFi into their workflow and differentiate themselves

Dedicated Customer Support: Our team provides customer support via email, chat, and telephone.

If you are one of the many advisors who think that options are too time-consuming, please sign up to get a demo of StratiFi, see our streamlined investing process and understand how our strategies can help protect and grow your clients’ portfolios.

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To learn more about the truth behind asset correlations and volatility, click here for our complimentary eBook "The Five Myths that Put Portfolios at Risk: Revealing the truth and improving investment outcomes using options."