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StratiFi eBook – Five Myths That Put Portfolios At Risk

Understand The Factors That Drive Losses, Educate Clients And Improve Outcomes

This eBook exposes five of the most destructive myths that we believe keep portfolios at greater risk, revealing how you can minimize risk in client portfolios.

The Five Myths we cover are:

  • Myth 1: Diversified portfolios experience less volatility
  • Myth 2: Investors should reduce risk in concentrated stock positions by selling shares
  • Myth 3: Tail events are extremely rare
  • Myth 4: Temporary market dips don’t affect long-term investors
  • Myth 5: Diversification lessens the impact of bear markets on retirees’ portfolios

Extend risk analysis beyond volatility

Measure risk more reliably

Educate clients and bridge the risk gap

Differentiate yourself and win prospects

Build superior portfolios and financial plans

Deliver outcomes and grow your practice

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