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We're here to help! Browse below for answers to any question about StratiFi, or contact us.

What is StratiFi?
StratiFi, a word we made by combining Strategic and Finance - is a financial technology company that exists for one simple reason: to empower financial advisors to make investing safer, more reliable, and more predictable for their clients. What Uber did for taxis, we are doing for risk management.
What are the benefits of StratiFi?
The old ways of investing are deeply flawed. If they weren’t everyone would be as ruck as Warren Buffett. Instead, everyone quotes Warren Buffett and keeps making the same mistakes again and again. StratiFi is designed to break that cycle for investors, creating better outcomes. This also makes life easier for advisors. After all, happy clients equal a happy practice. Our approach protects and optimizes an advisor’s largest asset: his or her practice.
Does StratiFi provide support?
We are tireless advocates for our clients, and yours. We offer real-time support Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST. Call us. Chat with us. Email with us.
Does StratiFi work with end clients?
We only work with you. You know your clients better than anyone. You earned their business, and their trust. We work for you. We’re here to help deepen your relationships by helping you educate your clients about the benefits of risk-adjusted investing.
How else can StratiFi help?
Advisors have access to a totally bespoke, branded experience. We will put your name on our work so that clients never even know we’re there in the background helping you to help them.
Where do we sign up?
Call us. Chat with us. Email. Our goal is to make this easy for you.
How do I monitor my accounts?
Advisors get customized dashboards.
How much control do I have over the investments in my client accounts?
Advisors have complete control over their accounts. We exist in the background, always measuring and managing risk.
What is the cost?
We charge a management fee for each of the investment strategies.
How are fees reported to my clients?
On their statements.
Are fee tiers supported?
Yes. Let’s discuss.
How do you maintain security and privacy?
We use 256-bit SSL encryption and store data in secure off-site facilities, and implement systematic processes and procedures for securing and storing data. We will protect the privacy of information as outlined in our Privacy Policy and will never share or sell your data or your client’s data with any third-party for any purpose without your client’s permission.
What is StratiFi’s investment philosophy?
The experience of an investment return is as important, and often even more important, than the actual return. We’ve learned a lot over decades of helping people achieve their financial goals. Our investment strategy is guided by key principles:
  • We treat clients like we want to be treated
  • Everyone is different; we match strategies to client needs not generic investment benchmarks.
  • Sustainable success means thinking about ways to not lose money, rather than focusing only on ways to make money.
  • Low fees and transparent, liquid strategies provide long-term benefits
Interested in improving your client's financial well-being?
Try StratiFi