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What is StratiFi?
StratiFi is a financial technology platform that empowers financial advisors with option based risk management solutions to help clients achieve better investment outcomes. Our platform offers state of the art technology that evaluates client portfolios and implements personalized option overlay strategies.
Who is StratiFi for?
StratiFi works with investment advisors on behalf of their end clients.
What are the benefits of StratiFi?
StratiFi strives to help advisors optimize portfolio construction by using options to mitigate against potential loss events and/or add incremental yield to client portfolios. StratiFi’s practice management virtues help advisors decrease attrition by offering a differentiated tool to reshape risk in a portfolio.
Does StratiFi provide support?
StratiFi offers support Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST via phone, chat or email.
Does StratiFi work with end clients?
StratiFi does not work directly with end clients. Advisors maintain the autonomy of the relationships with their clientele and we work with the advisor to enhance the relationship.
Is StratiFi available to international clients?
Not currently, but expects to be in the future.
Is the client experience branded?
Yes, we offer a branded and white labeled client experience.
How does my firm sign up?
Contact us to get started.
Does each advisor have their own dashboard?
Yes, each advisor can customize their dashboard to fit their need.
What relationship does the client have with StratiFi?
The advisor’s clients do not have a direct relationship with StratiFi.
How much control do I have over the investments in my client accounts?
Advisors have complete control over the underlying investments in client accounts. StratiFi only trades the option overlays.
What types of investment accounts does StratiFi support?
StratiFi serves taxable and retirement accounts.
What is the cost?
We charge a management fee for each of the investment strategies.
How are fees reported to my clients?
Advisor clients see the fee on statements.
Are fee tiers supported?
Yes. Please feel free to contact us for accounts over $10 million.
What is StratiFi’s investment philosophy?
The experience of an investment return is as important as the return itself. Over many years of helping clients achieve their financial goals and target returns, our investment strategy has been guided by our belief in:
  • Long-term investment success defined by vigilance on losses
  • Custom solutions based on the objectives of each client
  • Steadfast focus on seamless, tax efficient strategy implementation
  • Disciplined investing with systematic rebalancing
  • Low cost, transparent and liquid strategies
How do you maintain security and privacy?
We use 256-bit SSL encryption, store all of our data on servers in secure off-site facilities, and implement systematic processes and procedures for securing and storing data. And because we value your trust, we will protect the privacy of information as outlined in our Privacy Policy and will never share or sell your data or your client’s data with any third party for any purpose without your client’s permission.

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