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Discover, Evaluate, and Quantify Hidden Risks Effortlessly

StratiFi’s PRISM Ratings™ risk technology can enable advisors to help ensure clients feel in control of their financial destiny.

StratiFi's PRISM risk technology uses proprietary algorithms to analyze thousands of securities to quantify a portfolio’s volatility, correlation, tail and concentrated stock risk into an easily understood score. We provide actionable insights via risk solutions so advisors can mitigate risk and better help clients.
image of StratiFi’s risk managements for financial advisors reporting tool

Easily Discover Hidden Risks Across Your Practice

StratiFi’s technology enables you to engage clients in meaningful conversations about what really matters to them and build trust. Get automated reminders for client check-ins so you can evolve and deepen your client relations while managing expectations and reducing business risks.

Gain Insights For You, Your Clients, And Your Practice

We understand that the predictable cash flows generated from a steady client base are often an advisor’s most valuable asset. Our powerful advisor platform utilizes PRISM to analyze all of your investment accounts to help you understand risk not only for your clients but also for you and your practice.

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