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Impress High Net Worth Investors and Differentiate Your Practice

The award-winning tool to educate high net worth investors who greed in and panic out of the market at the wrong times.

Improve the way your clients approach their investment decisions

“StratiFi cements the relationship aspects of the advisor/client interface and, correctly, accounts for the learning about actual risk and the consequent changes in what level of risk a client will or will not accept … or will seek. I’ve seen that learning and that change happen countless times.”

— Tim Kochis, CEO of Kochis Global

Why StratiFi?

Stop paying for expensive software that doesn’t deliver what you need, and discover a standardized approach that reduces compliance risk, increases production, and is recognized for outstanding customer success.

StratiFi makes it incredibly easy for advisors to educate clients and impress prospects with simple and robust portfolio risk analysis, client risk profiling, proposals, IPS, and more.

Make Your Business More Predictable and Profitable
Advisors can use StratiFi’s PRISM ratings to ensure client and investment objectives are aligned. This enhances your business in many positive ways —

Educate Clients on Risk Strategies

StratiFi’s PRISM™ Rating visualizes and curates the right data that clients need to see in easy-to-read formats.

Telling too much to clients in a difficult-to-understand way is like telling them nothing. StratiFi carefully hand-picks meaningful data and conveys it in a visual format for both advisors and clients leading to successful communication.

Meet Your Clients’ Goals

StratiFi provides you with an easy and efficient tool to adjust positions and create better portfolios.

Our user-friendly interface helps you compare portfolios against other models/benchmarks and edit the weight, while at the same time seeing the upside or downside risk for each position and each model.

Be More Efficient & Save Time

With StratiFi, there’s no need to manually copy & paste or edit at the end of the day to create reports for clients. We make it much easier than that.

StratiFi’s solution is designed with maximum flexibility for report generation based on in-depth research of every use cases. Add customized sections, existing collaterals, switch the order of the sections, set up blended models and benchmarks, and control company-level format and language.

Integrate With Your Custodian

StratiFi integrates with leading wealth technologies like Blackdiamond, Orion, Circleblack, Addepar, Wealthbox, Redtail, Moneyguide and more.

We likely connect to your custodian through our direct and partner integrations that gives us access to over 20,000 financial institutions. View our partners to find out more.

Reduce Investing Stress

Help clients understand how their accounts would perform in different scenarios.

Our PRISM Score calculates each investment’s exact risk-reward position and assigns a numerical value.

Convert Prospects

Branded, client-ready proposals are a great way to convert prospects into clients and close new deals.

More easily than ever, generate proposals with just a few clicks.

Enhance Compliance

Use PRISM to evaluate every portfolio under management to improve compliance.

Keep your firm’s leadership ahead of the risk curve and add an important tool to their management dashboard.

Investment Policy Statement

Use IPS to keep investors from making costly mistakes in reaction to short-term events.

Our tool makes generating and using an IPS very efficient.

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