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Email A Risk Tolerance Questionnaire To Your Client

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The financial markets are almost always portrayed by Wall Street to everyone on Main Street as a field of dreams. If people just put some money into the market, and then wait, and wait some more, profits are produced and one plus one may even equal the proverbial 10 bagger where you make $10 for every $1 that was invested.

But guess what? That is not what really happens to most people, most of the time. Too often, people make loads of mistakes along the journey to financial independence. To change those outcomes, StratiFi has created a risk tolerance questionnaire that advisors can use to get clients to truly understand themselves. We’re pretty sure that everyone from Sigmund Freud to Warren Buffett would approve of this approach just as much as your average Wall Street hot shot would hate what we are doing.

Once people know themselves, and know the markets, they can take a critical step toward investment success. Our risk tolerance questionnaire makes it easy and fun. What are you waiting for?