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Matching a Client or Prospect to a Model Portfolio

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An investor without a plan isn’t an investor. This is something all advisors know. Without plans, investors become speculators, or worse because they become those people in the market who are always off balance, always chasing the next big thing, and it almost always ends poorly. But all good advisors create strategies and plans for their clients to follow. This is pure good, and so is StratiFi’s PRISM technology that advisors can use to quickly check, and realign if needed, model portfolios with client investment personalities. This tool checks many critical boxes and the best part is that it simplifies and improves on manual processes and many old technologies.

Do you know if any and all of your clients have experienced a change in how their portfolios are aligned with their investment personality? This tool insures calibration between client risk profiles and portfolios. You can even generate client proposals, satisfy compliance concerns, and help clients invest in accordance with their investment personality with just a few easy clicks of a mouse. It’s that simple. It’s that powerful. It can change outcomes.