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Pulling in Held-away accounts for clients & prospects

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Most people have multiple accounts at different brokerage firms. Some do this by accident and others by design. In almost all cases, sequestering accounts introduces inefficiencies, added fees, duplicative efforts, and all sorts of other issues that can keep people from achieving financial goals.

StratiFi’s PRISM technology helps advisors help clients to harness the true power of their assets, StratiFi’s technology gives advisors a powerful tool that enables them to send clients or prospects a link that can be used to upload accounts held at hundreds of other brokerage firms. This key step, which we further refine with value-added risk analysis, helps investors better navigate the financial markets. Any advisor who can do that for their clients demonstrates their value in ways that are hard for competitors to duplicate. As we like to say, don’t be a commodity in a commoditized business. Differentiate yourself. Add value. Make it hard for competitors to replicate what you do and how you do it.