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Running PRISM on a Model Portfolio

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It has been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus or something like that. The same is often true of investors and advisors. They simply don’t speak the same language even when they think they are speaking the same language.

This is where StratiFi’s PRISM technology comes in. We help create a common language between advisors and clients and prospects. It’s simple. It’s data driven, and it works. All that has to be done is for advisors to work with clients or prospects to complete a simple, powerful questionnaire about risk tolerance. Some questions are simple, and some are profound. How would a client react if they lost 20% of their money in the market? A PRISM score and report focuses advisors and investors on what matters: knowing themselves, knowing risk, and making better decisions. This is the essence of good investing.

The ancient philosophers long ago advised their students to “know thyself,” a challenge that eludes many people, and most investors. At StratiFi, we believe technology can help investors and advisors know themselves and know each other, and that great things can happen once that is achieved.