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Add a Prospect´s Held-Away Account Digitally

Stratifi now offers you the ability to have your prospects share their held-away accounts with you.

  1. Log into your Stratifi platform and click on the “Prospects” link.
    prospects link in the stratifi dashboard
  2. Select the prospect that you would like to add an account for.
  3. Scroll down the page and click on the “Add Account” button.
  4. On the screen that appears click on the “Invite to Share” button.
  5. The next screen will display their email address and the contents of the email. Once you have reviewed the email simply click the “Send” button.
  6. The prospect will receive an email, providing them with a link to connect their account.
  7. Once they click on the link they will be prompted to connect their accounts.
  8. Once they agree to the terms of service they can click the ¨Link Your Account¨ button and this will take them to a page where they can select their financial provider.
  9. If the financial institution is not listed they can use the search feature to find their provider.
  10. They will be prompted to enter their user name and password. Once they are entered they can click the ¨Connect¨ button.
  11. Once they have clicked the ¨Connect¨ button the synchronization process will begin. It is critical that they do not close their window at this point.
  12. Once they see a tick mark beside the account name, synchronization has been completed and they can then click the ¨Done¨ button. Note – When an account is synchronized, you will receive an email with a link to the person’s record in your Stratifi account.
  13. The prospect’s account will now be reflected in your Stratifi account along with its PRISM score.
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