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Adding tickers to Stratifi

Sometimes when you are manually adding a ticker to a client’s account or to a model portfolio, you may not see any results from the search. This is because ticker is not in the backend of the system.

To get the ticker into the backend of the system, create a model portfolio via a CSV upload and include the tickers in that CSV. When the CSV is uploaded, it will add the tickers to the backend and it will trigger the system to search for data on the tickers as well as classify them.

Please use the following steps:

1. Go to the Model Portfolios section and click on Create a Model

2. The Upload model portfolio pop-up will appear. Select Download CSV template.

3. Open up the CSV file (it should be model_portfolio.csv), input the tickers (use UPPERCASE lettering) and enter in the weights so that the total adds up to 100%. Save the file as is (do not change it from a CSV).

4. Go back to the Upload model portfolio pop-up in Stratifi and click Upload CSV.

5. You will be asked to locate the file you would like to use for the upload. Find the file you just saved (it should be model_portfolio.csv) and hit Open. Once that is done, the system will display a pop-up which is meant for mapping the columns. You don’t need to make any changes here once you used the CSV template so just hit Continue.

6. You should see some text saying Processing Securities and then you should see a Summary Report saying that the securities were uploaded successfully. Click on View the model Portfolio.

7. The system should at this point show the tickers and they should have a description and also be classified. A prism score will not be assigned at this point because it takes a few minutes to process. After some time, the prism score will be displayed for the tickers. Give the model portfolio a name and click on Create Model.

8. The system will go through the process of creating the model portfolio and at the end of it you will be taken to the newly created potfolio.

9. The tickers should now be in the backend and you can now manually add them to client accounts or model portfolios. At this point, you can delete the model portfolio that was just created. Click on Model Portfolios in the menu pane, select the checkbox beside the model portfolio and then click on the trash can icon.

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