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Copy account to model

Stratifi provides you with the ability to copy an account to a model portfolio. This allows you to suggest changes to the account to better manage a client´s risk.

  1. Log into your Stratifi dashboard, go to the Clients section, click the client’s name that has an account you would like to copy, and then select the account. Click the Copy to Model button and then click the View button that appears in the notification pop-up which says that the account was copied.
    select client from the statifi dashboard
    select client´s account
  2. Once the account is selected click the Copy to Model button. Then you will click the View button to view the new model.
    click the copy to model button
    click the view account button
  3. You should now see a model portfolio that has the name of the account with the text (proposed) added to it; this is the format that the system uses for copied accounts. To make adjustments, click on the name of the model portfolio and then on the next page, click the Once you are satisfied with your changes click the Save Model & Run Prism button (Note: Total weight of the portfolio needs to add up to 100%).
  4. Once the Prism score is calculated return to the client´s overview page, click the account that was used for the copy, and then click on the Proposal tab.
  5. In the Select a matching model section, click the magnifying glass icon and you will see a Proposed Models section in the drop-down which contains copies of accounts. Select the copy of the account, adjust the other criteria, and then click the Generate Proposal button to see a comparison of the portfolios.
  6. After the report is generated, you can click the PDF Report button followed by the Generate PDF button to create a PDF report to send to your client.
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