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How to convert a Prospect to a Client

  • While in the Prospects section, select which prospect(s) you would like to convert by enabling the checkbox(es) beside their name(s).
How to convert a Prospect to a Client.
  • Click the Convert to Client button
  • You should see a pop-up saying the action is not reversible. Click the Confirm button.
How to convert a Prospect to a Client. Convert to client
  • After a short while, the prospect will be changed over to a client. You will be back at the Prospects section. We need to do some further work with the new record.
  • Click on the Clients tab and search for the client if you do not readily see them in the clients’ list. Once you have found the client, click on their name to go into their record.
How to convert a Prospect to a Client Record
  • At Stratifi, we make the assumption that any account added to the person while a prospect is a Held-Away account. When the person is moved from prospect to client, any accounts that were created in their record will be marked as Excluded so as not to interfere with the overall portfolio calculations since it is a Held-Away account. If the account was imported, you can probably disable the Exclude option as you should be getting accurate account information and thus it can be included in your overall portfolio calculations. If the account was manually added, it should probably be left as excluded. Once the customer’s account information is brought under your custodian and is imported into Stratifi, you can probably then delete the manually created account if there is no further use for it.
 Prospect to a Client

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