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How To Generate A Household-Level Investment Policy Statement

Please note that this feature will not be present unless the household has at least two (2) clients and all clients need to have PRISM and Risk Tolerance scores if their accounts are to be included in the IPS

  1. Log into your Stratifi dashboard and go to the Households section (if you already know of clients in a household who fit the above requirements, you can just click into the record of any of those clients and follow on from point #4)
  2. Click a household that you would like to create an IPS for and make sure it fits the requirements listed above
  3. Click on any client and you will be taken to their overview page
  4. Click on the IPS tab. The accounts for the client should automatically into the IPS interface
  5. Click in the field/section that houses the accounts (or click the search icon) and you should see an option below it that shows the name of the household with the words (Entire Household) beside it.
  6. Click on the (Entire Household) option and all of the relevant accounts should be loaded into the accounts section. If you need to remove accounts from the IPS, just click the “X” beside the account name.
  7. Next, select a model for use with the IPS and then hit the Generate IPS button.
  8. The IPS will be generated and you can hide or edit different sections of the IPS. When you are finished editing the IPS, you can save a PDF of it. Click the Generate IPS Report PDF button and a printing interface should appear. From there, you should have the option to save as PDF or print as PDF.

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