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How To Generate A Household-Level Proposal

Please note that this feature will not be present unless the household has at least two (2) clients.
Note: If you already know of clients in a household who fit the above requirement, you can just click into the record of any of those clients from the Clients section and follow on from point #3; you can skip going into the Households section.

  1. To access this feature log into your Stratifi dashboard and go to the Households link

2. Select a member of the household to whom you are addressing your proposal.

3. Select the ¨Proposal¨ tab and on the next page select the search icon. You will then see the option to select the entire household.

4. You can then select your other desired parameters for use in your proposal. Once you are satisfied with your parameters you can click the ¨Generate Proposal¨ button.

5. You can view it as a PDF report by clicking on the ¨PDF Report¨ button.

6. If you would like to send a PDF document click on the ¨Generate PDF¨ button.

7. Once you have clicked on this button you can then print the document or save it as PDF and email it to your client.

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