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Questionnaire Framework

Estimated Annual Income

Check your estimated annual income, this is the approximation of the total yearly income

Estimated Liquid Net Worth

Check the estimated liquid net worth, it covers the assets that can easily be converted into cash, this includes the investments such as stocks and mutual funds, this does not include assets that are difficult to readily convert such as real estate.

Estimated Total Net Worth

Net worth is the total value of everything that you own, exclusive of debts. in other words, all you own against all you owe.

Investable Net worth Value

This is the percentage of your total net worth that you are looking to invest, normally it will depend on your assets

Investment Goal

Investment goal defines the objective of your investment, it’s important because it determines the types of assets that suit a particular individual. For example, if you have many years until retirement you are probably on growth mode, If you are currently retired you will probably be on income mode, if it’s cash that is dedicated for specific short or midterm goals it might be for preservation or others

Asset Classes in your portfolio

This section is trying to ask which investments you have in your portfolio, note that the real estate does not mean that you have an actual investment in the Real estate it means that you probably have mutual funds or ETFs that have real estate in them. The section tries to find how sophisticated of an investor you are.

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