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StratiFi Wins Award For Best Compliance Technology

StratiFi Wins Award For Best Compliance Technology

San Francisco, September 13, 2019 – StratiFi Technologies Inc., which is democratizing risk management to help financial advisors and their clients make better financial decisions, announced that it has won the WealthManagement.com 2019 Industry Award for the top Compliance Technology for Financial Advisors.

The WealthManagement.com Industry Awards, which were presented at a ceremony in New York, recognize outstanding achievement by companies and organizations that support the success of financial advisors. StratiFi was honored for its technology platform that provides advisors with a centralized risk dashboard to give compliance officers, and managers/owners of advisory firms, a quick, visual, dashboard to ensure and enforce best interest/suitability and risk tolerance throughout the firm.

“Most RIAs are painfully aware, the financial industry’s regulatory regime is nuanced, somewhat unpredictable, and time-consuming to follow. For the first time, advisors can look at their entire book of business, have surveillance over their entire advisory force and accounts.” said Akhil Lodha, StratiFi’s chief executive officer. “It’s the Pareto law – 20% of the reps/accounts are responsible for 80% of the risks. How do you find those 20% accounts if you have 10/50/100+ reps or 1000s of accounts?” he added.

Compliance is one of the most important, most difficult, most time-consuming parts of an advisor’s job. It is also a major risk to firms. We have removed the constant struggle to find needles in haystacks and put advisors one-step ahead of regulatory reviews.

According to WealthManagement.com, a record number of nominations were submitted this year; more than 650 entries were received from nearly 262 companies. This year’s winners included Orion Advisor Services, Advisor Group, eMoney, Blackdiamond, Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, Morningstar, Envestnet among others.

About StratiFi Technologies

StratiFi Technologies Inc. helps investors make smarter investment decisions.

We enable investment advisors, family offices and investors to define and manage risks that are often hidden, or not well understood, within their client’s portfolios. Our PRISM Rating™ technology democratizes risk management techniques that are normally the purview of sophisticated institutional investors. By identifying, defining, and managing risks, StratiFi helps financial advisors help their clients, and also protect and grow their practices. By educating clients about the realities of markets, advisors can deepen relationships, and better help investors confront the challenges of modern markets and the demands of modern life.

StratiFi, based in San Francisco and New York, is backed by key investors who are focused on financial technology, including Cboe Global Markets, Wolverine Holdings, and leading venture capital firms, including Anthemis Group, Khosla Ventures and Y Combinator.

To learn how StratiFi can help you become a better investor, please visit https://www.stratifi.com

Akhil Lodha Author
Co-founder & CEO StratiFi Technologies

Building the industry standard for understanding portfolio risk through cutting- edge technology at Stratifi.

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