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The StratiFi Edge: October Edition

The StratiFi Edge: October Edition

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Included in this issue:

– Updates from Q3 + what’s coming soon!

– Join us at Insider’s Forum in a few days

– What is a Tail Event Risk Rating?

We made several product enhancements and feature updates in Q3…

  • Improvements to questionnaire based on feedback from our users
  • Enhancements to integrations with CircleBlack and MoneyGuide
  • Ability to add custom sections to IPS and proposal
  • Speed enhancements to make your experience smoother
  • Billing improvements

…and here is what’s coming in Q4!

  • Proposal enhancements, including a customized asset classification and attaching additional pages
  • Displaying the model risk and model to account mapping on the IPS
  • Further enhancements to our CircleBlack and Addepar integrations
  • Direct integration with Schwab
  • Multiple business profiles, proposal, and email templates
  • Bulk model upload and edit
  • And more…

Join StratiFi at Insider’s Forum!

October 6th to 8th — Omni, Nashville

Bob Veres’ Insider’s Forum conference is the real-world extension of Inside Information, a master study group, provider of newsletters and articles as well as a general “curator” of information found throughout the financial advisory profession.

Get your pass here.

New on the Blog: What is a Tail Event Risk Rating?

A tail event risk rating gives an idea of how vulnerable a portfolio would be in the rare event of a market shock. The distribution of market returns is expected to be normally distributed with the bulk of returns in the middle of the bell curve and fewer returns on either of the tails. Though uncommon, as their name would suggest, left tail events do occur and can be…

Read the article here.

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