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Smartria® Announces Integration with StratiFi, Developer of Award-Winning PRISM Rating™ Technology

Smartria® Announces Integration with StatiFi, Developer of Award-Winning PRISM Rating™ Technology

Users of the award-winning Smartria compliance management platform will gain access to real-time integrated portfolio and employee risk dashboards through StratiFi partnership

September 20, 2022 09:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smartria®, a powerful, easy-to-use cloud-based software solution designed to meet the specialized compliance management needs of investment advisors, compliance teams, operations teams, consultants, and attorneys is proud to announce a new integration partnership with StratiFi, developer of award-winning PRISM Rating™ risk technology, an efficient surveillance system ComplianceIQ and an intuitive IPS generation tool for financial advisors.

The partnership between Smartria and StratiFi provides Smartria users with an integrated risk management solution for employees and client portfolios. The integration of the two platforms allows users to leverage StratiFi’s ComplianceIQ features inside of Smartria to streamline risk management across a variety of areas such as monitoring investment risk in accounts, receiving drift alerts, documenting notes and increasing collaboration to resolve exceptions. The combined offering allows Compliance Officers to easily show regulators that the firm has appropriate supervisory controls to manage risk and ensure advisors are acting in the best interest of clients.

“Risk management goes hand in glove with compliance management. As a modern and robust, best-in-class risk management solution, StratiFi is a strong strategic partner to integrate into our platform for the purpose of driving greater value to our customers,” said Mac Bartine, CEO of Smartria. “This new partnership continues to push forward Smartria’s focus on providing our customers with the most comprehensive, easy-to-use compliance and risk management solution on the market.”

“Combining Smartria’s significant capabilities with those of StratiFi enables our customers to recruit more advisors, save compliance costs, reduce liabilities and grow revenue, which makes our combined offering a no-brainer for fast-growing RIAs and broker-dealers,” comments Akhil Lodha, Co-founder and CEO of StratiFi Technologies. “We’re excited about our partnership and look forward to being part of a one-stop compliance, risk management and growth solution.”

Smartria customers and others who wish to know more about the benefits of this innovative new partnership can visit www.smartria.com for more information.

About Smartria

Smartria is a leading compliance management platform for RIAs, hybrid RIAs and RIA networks. The firm’s software excels at making the complex and often frustrating world of regulatory compliance simple to manage and easy to understand. Smartria’s unique roles for compliance consultants and distributed management of large corporations make its solution able to handle any compliance problem for any sized company. For more information, please visit www.Smartia.com.

About StratiFi Technologies

StratiFi is a financial technology company that empowers investment advisors to understand portfolio and business risk better. StratiFi’s online platform gives investment advisors access to sophisticated risk management technology, usually only accessible by the largest institutions. StratiFi’s PRISM Ratings™ risk scoring technology provides advisors with a rolled-up score based on their book of business, giving them more insight into the risks in their clients’ portfolios and their own business, so they can pick the risks they want to take.

Akhil Lodha Author
Co-founder & CEO StratiFi Technologies

Building the industry standard for understanding portfolio risk through cutting- edge technology at Stratifi.

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