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UX Wealth Partners Selects StratiFi As Preferred Risk Management Platform

UX Wealth Partners Selects StratiFi As Preferred Risk Management Platform

June 15, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–StratiFi, developer of award-winning PRISM Rating™ technology for financial advisors, has been selected by UX Wealth Partners as the preferred risk profiling and proposal software for its RIA partners.

UX Wealth Partners is a dedicated AI-driven Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) that provides advisors with a complete and simplified technology solution and access to investment managers who are experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their platform removes the human bias from the buy-sell decisions advisors make that can negatively impact investors and provides advisors with cutting-edge technology to focus on managing clients and growing their business.

Kyle Wiggs, Co-Founder and CEO of UX Wealth Partners, commented, “Leading organizations in healthcare, communication, and transportation have embraced technology to improve their customers’ experiences. However, wealth management has remained committed to a single portfolio theory nearly 70 years old. We are at the beginning of a paradigm shift. With the volume of data now overwhelming even the best human minds, technology has come so far that we can now confidently leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to pursue better investment outcomes for clients. We wanted a risk profiling partner that shares our passion for leveraging technology to create better outcomes. After a year of due diligence, the technology, culture, and team at StratiFi were the perfect fit.”

“We are living in a time where AI is penetrating almost all aspects of our lives at a faster rate than ever before and technology is becoming a force multiplier, yet the RIA community is lacking a critical solution that allows advisors to fully tap into the potential of AI for investment management and a turnkey technology solution that is powered by AI at its core. Kyle and his team at UX Wealth Partners have built a solution to this problem and we believe in the mission behind the company. We couldn’t be more excited that they chose StratiFi as their preferred risk provider for this endeavor,” said Akhil Lodha, Co-founder and CEO of StratiFi Technologies.

StratiFi’s award-winning PRISM Rating™ technology uses sophisticated risk analysis to profile clients and quantify risk on a simple 1 to 10 scale helping advisors better understand the factors that drive a portfolio’s performance by evaluating correlation, volatility, tail risk, and concentrated stock risk. These scores, along with actionable insights, enable advisors to effectively mitigate risk and communicate complex risk exposures in ways anyone can understand.

About StratiFi Technologies

StratiFi is a financial technology company based in San Francisco and New York that empowers investment advisors to understand portfolio and business risk better. StratiFi’s online platform gives investment advisors access to sophisticated risk management technology, usually only accessible by the largest institutions. StratiFi’s PRISM Ratings™ risk scoring technology provides advisors with a rolled-up score based on their book of business, giving them more insight into the risks in their clients’​ portfolios and their own business, so they can pick the risks they want to take.

StratiFi is the recipient of the WealthManagement.com 2019 Industry Award for the top Compliance Technology for Financial Advisors. The company is backed by key investors who are focused on financial technology, including Cboe Global Markets, Wolverine Holdings, and leading venture capital firms, including Anthemis Group, Khosla Ventures, and Y Combinator.

For more information about StratiFi, or to schedule a software demo, visit https://www.stratifi.com.

About UX Wealth Partners

UX Wealth Partners is a dedicated AI-driven TAMP for the RIA community that provides advisors with a complete and simplified technology solution and access to managers that are experts in various technology disciplines. They provide exclusivity to their advisor partners in their respective markets and brand the platform to each advisor they serve, a combination that has powered significant growth for their advisor partners.

In addition, UX Wealth Partners has investment models exclusive only to UX Wealth Partners advisors. This advisor-focused offering contains models that produce results, technology that grows AUM, and enables advisors to focus on their clients and business.

For more information about UX Wealth Partners, visit https://www.uxwp.com/.


Akhil Lodha

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