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Evaluating Your Client’s Portfolio Risk

Evaluating Your Client’s Portfolio Risk

Stratifi offers easy to use features that enable our users to evaluate clients’ portfolio risk. This is highlighted in the following steps:

  • Under the advisors’ page, select the specific client that you’d like to evaluate the risk for
  • From the clients’ page select the portfolio risk, this will take you to the client portfolio risk page

Portfolio risk has the following key features:

  • Portfolio Prism Rating that gives you the overall aggregated risk of the client’s portfolio
  • Benchmark compares the current portfolio’s risk with the risk level of other known assets in the market
  • Risk Factor Analysis gives the complete breakdown of the portfolio risk metrics
  • Prism Analysis of Market Crisis Scenarios gives an in-depth analysis of how the portfolio would perform in different extreme market crisis conditions
  • Top Risk Attributions From Each Account gives the risk attribution of each asset held in the client count
  • Accounts, show the individual accounts that are under a specific client, one can access the individual risk report of these individual accounts under the Risk report.

For more information on evaluating clients’ portfolio risk, please visit our learning center, click here to access a 2 min video on how to evaluate clients’ portfolio risk.

Minhee Park Administrator
Product Manager
Minhee is leading the product at Stratifi technologies. She has many years of experience in designing games.
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