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January 2022 Product Release Updates

January 2021 Product Release Updates

So far in 2022, we’ve made several exciting updates including support for multiple templates for Proposals & IPS, the option to display securities when listing assets in reports, and more.

1. Support for multiple templates for Proposal and IPS

About the Enhancement: Allows advisors to select from any number of templates when generating a proposal or an IPS.

Users’ problems this aims to solve:

  • The advisors sometimes need to generate reports that contain different elements depending of any number of factors, such as the type of investor. Having to change the base template every time any change was needed created pain. Now advisors can select the appropriate template to use every time they generate a report.

Why does this help? You will save time by having several templates already stored in the system, being able to select the appropriate one for each circumstance.

Creating a new template

Selecting a template when generating a Proposal

2. Option to display securities when listing assets in reports

About the Enhancement: Compliance officers/Executives can now enable an option found under Settings → Templates → Asset Classification to display the specific securities when listing assets on proposals and other reports.

Users’ problems this aims to solve:

  • Advisors needing to be more transparent on the terms of their proposals didn’t have a way to show investors the exact nature of the proposed investment portfolio assets.

Why does this help? This offers more control to the advisor on the level of detail displayed on reports.

New setting to expand asset classification

Holdings displaying the specific security

3. Custom addresses for reports

About the Enhancement: Advisors can now set their own address to be used on reports—instead of their company’s.

Users’ problems this aims to solve:

  • With the proliferation of the work from home culture, is becoming more common having advisors be geographically located in other places that are not their company’s HQ. It causes friction for the Advisor to generate reports for their customers with an address not matching their current whereabouts.

Why does this help? This allows advisors to generate reports with their personal address, instead of their company’s. This allows further clarity and transparency towards the investor.

4. Improvements to Drift Exceptions manager

About the Enhancement:

  • Allows Advisors to sort drift exceptions by multiple attributes.
  • Displays all DE statuses in the exported file.
  • Reflects the order set via the UI on the exported file.
  • Styling improvements to DE dialog

Users’ problems this aims to solve:

  • It causes friction to the Compliance Officer not having a quick and easy way to identify the most relevant DEs.

Why does this help? The Compliance Officer saves time by getting the most important DEs for their company right at the top, on both the page and the exported CSV.

Please reach out to us at support@stratifi.com with any questions about these updates!

With ♥ from all of us at StratiFi

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