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July 2021 Product Release Updates

1. Risk tolerance update filter

Users’ problem we aim to solve:

  • “I want to see the list of my clients who submitted the risk tolerance questionnaire answers in the last week/month. I get emails whenever they submit the answers, but I need to manage them all together in the platform.”  
  • “I need to know if any of my clients’ risk tolerances are not updated more than 1 year because aligning the portfolio risk with their risk tolerance is a critical part of my work”  

About The Enhancement:
We added a filter to the clients and prospects pages (like in the image above).

2. Drift Exception Enhancement

*Drift exception is only available for Business & Enterprise plan. (If you want to enable this feature, please contact support@stratifi.com)

Users’ problem we aim to solve:

  • “As a compliance officer, I need to oversee all exceptions of the entire firm. Each exception has history, and I wish the system saves every event such as portfolio risk changes due to the market status, risk tolerance changes, account closed, compliance note added, etc.”
  • “I want to save the drift exceptions in MS Excel format to easily share with anyone by attaching it to the emails or uploading to some cloud systems. I also want to save these files periodically for backups.”

About The Enhancement:
Show the company level or advisor level drift exceptions in one place with multiple filters and the ability to export to excel:

Users can manage the exceptions by adding labels. All activities and events are automatically saved. You can also export all the data in MS Excel format with one click. Contact us at support@stratifi.com to learn more about this feature and get a demo.

3. CircleBlack Integration

CircleBlack has joined forces with StratiFi, developer of award-winning PRISM Rating™ technology, to allow advisors using its wealth management platform to build better portfolios and cultivate stronger client relationships by integrating StratiFi’s risk analytics into their investment solutions. The integration will allow advisors to better educate their clients about market realities, communicate risk ranges across accounts and adjust risk exposure efficiently… Read more HERE.

Please reach out to us at support@stratifi.com with any questions about these updates!

With ♥ from all of us at StratiFi

Minhee Park Administrator
Product Manager
Minhee is leading the product at Stratifi technologies. She has many years of experience in designing games.

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