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Managing Your Clients With Ease

Trying to manage numerous clients, each with diverse portfolios and unique investment goals, can be a cumbersome task. It’s difficult to oversee so many moving parts. Fortunately, StratiFi has developed new features and formed new partnerships to help you coordinate among clients as efficiently as possible.

Generate investment proposals at client level with flexibility.

Choosing between one aggregated proposal or multiple proposals for one client? Advisors can have both with StratiFi.

StratiFi Platform

Proposals are the most popular feature of the StratiFi platform, and now you can generate proposals at a client level by selecting or unselecting multiple accounts.

This is powerful because:

  • The system aggregates selected account data, enabling advisors to compare multiple accounts with a single model portfolio.
  • Advisors can easily select or remove accounts they want to include.

Want to learn more about the new feature? Book a demo here.

Integration with Wealthbox CRM

StratiFi Platform

Wealthbox CRM is a web-based, secure, easy to use Customer Relationship Management tool. Advisors now will be able to easily import their Wealthbox clients’ and prospects’ information into the StratiFi platform to manage them fast and effectively. Contact the support team at support@stratifi.com to start integrating with Wealthbox CRM today.

Integration with Addepar

Addepar is a portfolio reporting platform that is designed to help you make the best decisions and deliver on what matters most – your clients goals. StratiFi imports Addepar clients data to run portfolio and risk analytics. Contact the support team at support@stratifi.com to start integrating with Addepar today.

Want to learn more about the integrations? Book a demo here.

Minhee Park Administrator
Product Manager
Minhee is leading the product at Stratifi technologies. She has many years of experience in designing games.
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