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UBER for Options

Ralph Drybrough | March 23

From March 8-10, my co-founder Akhil Lodha and I attended the CBOE Risk Management Conference in Dana Point, California. The conference was a great chance for us to see the newest in risk management ideas, network with our peers, and to get feedback on StratiFi's progress to date.

That's where we heard some very encouraging news about the StratiFi platform. When both explaining and demonstrating the platform to people a consistent refrain came up, "It's like Uber for options." While a bit of an overused statement, we think it's an apt comparison. People were drawn to the intuitive nature of the StratifFi experience and to the fact that we have placed the complex logistics of pricing options, managing positions and executing option transactions behind a great user interface.

Although the attendees of CBOE RMC are not StratiFi’s core target of financial advisors, they are true global experts in the options and volatility markets. The fact that they felt like we were honoring the craft of options trading while abstracting the nitty gritty logistics is a very promising sign.

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