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Partner | Smartria Enterprise RIA Compliance Management

StratiFi + Smartria: Real-Time Integrated Portfolio & Risk Dashboards

Smartria users can now streamline risk management across a variety of areas such as monitoring investment risk in accounts, receiving drift alerts, documenting notes, and increasing collaboration to resolve exceptions.

Leverage StratiFi’s ComplianceIQ

This combined offering allows Smartria users to easily show regulators that the firm has appropriate supervisory controls to manage risk and ensure advisors are acting in the best interest of clients.

"Risk management goes hand in glove with compliance management. As a modern and robust, best-in-class risk management solution, StratiFi is a strong strategic partner to integrate into our platform for the purpose of driving greater value to our customers."

"Combining Smartria’s significant capabilities with those of StratiFi enables our customers to recruit more advisors, save compliance costs, reduce liabilities and grow revenue, which makes our combined offering a no-brainer for fast-growing RIAs and broker-dealers."

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