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Risk Management That Works

StratiFi's simple web-based platform is an end to end solution designed to strengthen the bond between you and your clients. We aim to provide advisors with the necessary tools to be stronger stewards of client capital through turnkey access to customized option overlays.

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  • Quantify hidden risk with a simple to understand scoring system
  • Create custom reports that demonstrate how our overlays can manage risk and increase portfolio longevity
  • Better meet your clients' needs by using PRISM reports to initiate proactive conversations around risk and risk management
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  • Implement customized overlay solutions designed to meet each and every client's unique set of needs
  • Confirm efficacy of risk management with evolved PRISM scores


  • Spend more time focused on clients with our simple and intuitive investment management experience
  • Increase your impact as a fiduciary by easily changing strategies to meet clients' evolving appetite for risk
  • Benefit from automated PRISM scoring across your client base to find the clients most in need of risk management


  • Reaffirm the impact and value of risk reduction with customized white-labeled performance reports
  • Reinforce ongoing risk management using PRISM as a consistent reference for exposure to risk.

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