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Know Risk. More Reward.

Provide Clients With Insights
That Others Simply Can't

Our proprietary PRISM Rating technology provides your prospects with insights about their portfolios that their current advisors simply can’t.

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Simple and elegant solution used by successful financial professionals to stay ahead

I don’t have the tools I need to help my clients understand complex investment strategies including risk.

StratiFi’s PRISM™ Rating visualizes and curates the right data that clients need to see in easy-to-read formats.

Telling too much to clients in a difficult-to-understand way is like telling them nothing. StratiFi carefully hand-picks meaningful data and conveys it in a visual format for both advisors and clients leading to successful communication.

It’s difficult and time consuming to compare two portfolios side-by-side to determine which is best for my client’s goals.

StratiFi provides you with an easy and efficient tool to adjust positions and create better portfolios.

Our user-friendly interface helps you compare portfolios against other models/benchmarks and edit the weight, while at the same time seeing the upside or downside risk for each position and each model.

I still have to use spreadsheets to propose changes at the household level that are tax-location sensitive.

With StratiFi, there’s no need to manually copy & paste or edit at the end of the day to create reports for clients. We make it much easier than that.

StratiFi’s solution is designed with maximum flexibility for report generation based on in-depth research of every use cases. Add customized sections, existing collaterals, switch the order of the sections, set up blended models and benchmarks, and control company-level format and language.

We don’t have an analytics tool to assess risk based on returns and stress-test our exposure to market moves.

StratiFi helps you stress-test exposure to risk and create better portfolios and outcomes.

StratiFi is a simple yet sophisticated portfolio design and analysis platform that quantifies risk on a 1-10 scale to help investment managers evaluate products, create models, and illustrate products, models, and portfolios vs competitors.

Our sales team needs a way to easily illustrate risk and return.

StratiFi illustrates models and portfolios with risk-adjusted returns while capturing ratios that meet clients’ goals.

Upload and analyze historical index, model, and portfolio data in sales proposals to illustrate superior risk-adjusted returns and capture ratios vs the competition and benchmarks and help facilitate AUM growth.

Creating proposals on-the-spot can be a challenge and most platforms are not sales-ready.

StratiFi’s digital wholesaling tool can be used during in-person or phone meetings to illustrate indexes, models, and products vs. competitors.

Our cloud-based platform and user-friendly interface is simple to use on-the-spot and helps clients easily understand the risk factors that drive long-term performance.

My firm needs a cost-efficient account management and portfolio risk analysis software.

Our software will grow with you as you bring on more advisors.

PRISM is a cost-efficient alternative to in-house solutions or established providers and offers an enterprise plan as your firm scales.

We need a technology risk analysis solution that ensures we comply with client Investment Objective, Reg BI, and other SEC regulations.

StratiFi risk analysis software is designed to help you monitor firm governance and comply with SEC regulations.

The platform's unique surveillance and oversight capability make it easy to enhance governance, build a proactive compliance culture, and maintain your firms trust and reputation.

Our advisors need a better way to evaluate risk across an entire household including held-away accounts.

StratiFi’s robust technology combines account management with risk management to bring advisors and clients together.

StratiFi selects meaningful data and conveys in a visual format leaing to successful communication at client meetings.

Industry Trend

Moving to Data-Driven Assessments

Financial services firms are increasingly aware of the limitations of classical, judgment-based risk measurement and management approaches.

Collectively, firms are looking to the power of data to augment their capabilities, strengthen risk management protocols, and drive business value through better risk analytics. However, many institutions have found that a significant data uplift and cleanse is required to enhance the quality of data and inputs prior to implementing these data-driven techniques in addition to evaluating and potentially supplementing the data quality controls to maintain assessment inputs.

KPMG, 10 key regulatory challenges of 2021

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