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StratiFi making an IMPACT


Akhil Lodha | November 15

Schwab IMPACT is officially a big deal. If you’re an established player or a fledgling startup, you need to go, even if it’s simply to better understand emerging trends and how financial services are evolving.

We were there in November and we learned a ton. Among other things, we confirmed that the role StratiFi aims to fill targets a significant and widespread need. Time and again, advisors told us that they spend a ton of time managing client risks, and thus they are all looking for a better way to simplify an asset allocation model and add a layer of risk protections. I may be biased but it sounds like we are onto something.

During the conference, I also had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Ackermann of Investment News. In our short video interview, we talked about our venture backed FinTech company and our options-based technology platform for risk management.

I covered a lot of ground with Matt – everything from the company’s vision, to what our advisors are telling us they need, to how we simplify the options overlay process and help advisors build better portfolios.

So if you want some high level information on why we created StratiFi and what we actually do, check out the video. It’s quick.