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Drift Exceptions

Drift is the difference between the Prism score of a client’s account, or the combined Prism score of their accounts, and the client’s Risk Tolerance score. It is a measure used to show if a client’s account(s) is aligned with their risk tolerance. If the difference is too high then a drift exception is created/identified.

Currently, by default, the drift exception is set to 2 within Stratifi. This means that any difference that is higher than 2 will be identified as a drift exception whether it is 2 above the Prism score (or Risk Tolerance score) or 2 below. For example, if an account has a Prism score of 6, then a drift exception will occur if a Risk Tolerance score is greater than 8 (8-6 = 2) or lower than 4 (6-4=2). At the moment, you cannot alter this setting yet but we have plans to make it adjustable in the future.

This section shows a compliance officer all of the drift exceptions for a particular advisor or for the company. Notes can be left on the accounts with exceptions by clicking on the Compliance Note icon located to the right of the table.

Drift Exceptions

To see the drift exceptions of a particular advisor, or across all advisors, hit the drop-down button at the top of the table and select the relevant option.

Drift Exceptions Relevant option
Drift Exceptions
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