Our Story

We started StratiFi with a simple goal: To help people protect, preserve, and grow their wealth by understanding risk.

Why We Started StratiFi

Since Day One, we have committed ourselves to empower advisors and investors with portfolio management software tools to help them track, measure, and manage risk factors that often prevent individuals from reaching their investment objectives.

How Does StratiFi Work?

Our risk management tools are simple, yet powerful enough to reflect our collective background in the institutional investment community, which operates in ways that are entirely different from how almost everyone else handles their money.

Thanks to our team’s 30+ years of collective experience in the investment industry, we have created an award-winning risk management software capable of unraveling even the most complex risk signals around portfolios. We present these signals in a way that you and your clients can use to define and manage risk more effectively.

Why We Started StratiFi?

We left our jobs to create StratiFi to help advisors who want innovative and simple-to-use, yet in-depth tools to address all types of portfolio risk. We want them to have meaningful conversations around risk that ultimately lead them to prove their value and enrich their relationships with clients.

For solutions to be effective, we believe that simplicity and user-centric experiences need to be in plain sight. That’s why we focus on turning the often complex parts of the problem into easy-to-do, pleasant steps.

What Drives StratiFi?

In one word: Certainty

The people behind StratiFi’s portfolio analysis software are driven by the deep desire of helping advisors and investors to navigate, evaluate, and quantify hidden risks in portfolios to make investing safer, more reliable and less volatile.

As Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohn once said – If you don’t invest in risk management, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in … it’s a risky business.

Team and Culture

Team and Culture

Know risk. More reward.

Switch to StratiFi today to manage the right investment risks and achieve your goals.

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