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Why We Started StratiFi

Why We Started StratiFi

Markets hate uncertainty. Just consider the surprise outcome of the Brexit vote earlier this summer or even the U.S. presidential election more recently. In the face of uncertainty, equity markets may sell-off aggressively, often to be followed by sharp reversals.

Many investors simply cannot stomach this type of volatility. The advisors we speak with have confirmed that this is the number one concern of their clients. Unfortunately, a high degree of uncertainty and elevated volatility may be here to stay. Who knows what will be the next geopolitical event to roil markets. Will your clients be prepared?

This reality is at the heart of why we created StratiFi. Advisors are looking for creative solutions to help them address new-world challenges and, more importantly, cement client relationships. And in order to be effective, these solutions must be easy to implement and intuitive to clients.

This is where StratiFi can help. We are a tech company, but we are acutely focused on financial services and specifically risk management. StratiFi aims to revolutionize portfolio construction and investment management beyond Modern Portfolio Theory. Stratifi’s vision is to become the “default” standard in the industry to evaluate and quantify hidden risks in portfolios and make investing safer, more reliable, and less volatile. We are backed by premier venture capital to deliver on our mission of turning volatility into an asset class as common as stocks and bonds. Our team has over 50 years of collective experience working with options trading, systematic investment management, and software development.