Our Wall of Love

Our Wall Of Love

Loved by Wealth Managers, CEOs, CIOs, Compliance Officers, & Support teams.
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Software All Star 2022

Rated 8+ in exceptional user rating and top 5 in market penetration by advisors in the T3 Inside Information Survey.

Industry Award Winner

Selected as one of three finalists and won the Risk Tolerance/Client Profiling category.

5 Star Rating

From our clients on G2 software rating platform.

We've been able to close about $5 million in assets in the last month by very clearly showing risk and reward type of scenarios. StratiFi has definitely helped us close quite a few clients.

Matt Hollander

VP, Game Changer Wealth

What stands out with StratiFi is the ease of accessing client portfolios and the emphasis on risk. It's by far the simplest program I've used, offering more data and real-time insights. This platform has revolutionized how I review risk.

Mike Trent

Advisor, Blueline FP

StratiFi has been a game-changer for me. In the past, other platforms I’ve used were not realistic with risk tolerance. But with StratiFi, everything makes sense. I feel more comfortable and confident sitting down with clients.

Deb DeTray

Advisor, DeTray Investment

StratiFi is a fantastic company that is truly focused on delivering what advisors want and need. They consistently check in with their advisors and are very open to suggestions on improving their platform.

Dean Barda

Wealth Management Advisor

StratiFi is the best tool we have foroversight on our allocations. Getting feedback on how we are positioning portfolios to behave in different environments is invaluable. By calculating essential risk exposures,StratiFi assists us in building portfolios.

James Thatcher

Managing Director

Every day in this industry presents a new challenge, but with StratiFi proactive approach and evolving platform, I feel we're always a step ahead. Their onboarding process is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Gail Murdoch

Certified Financial Planner

StratiFi is an important partner for us to manage the risks present in client portfolios beyond just traditional volatility and more importantly helping us discuss those risks with clients in a way that makes sense to them.

Jonathan Murdock

Financial Advisor Coastline

I spent a fair amount of time really building out a combination of infrastructure and advice for larger organizations. StratiFi was able to help me (1) create a better digital experience for clients and (2) monitor compliance across multiple advisors.

Corey Franco

President, Noble Bridge  

I realized that from a compliance and understanding the client standpoint I needed something for risk profiling. I settled on StratiFi because it seemed to be more rigorous in terms of the analytical aspect and could stand up to compliance questioning.

Patricia Passon, CFP®

Encompass Financial Advisors,

We wanted a risk profiling partner that shares our passion for leveraging technology to create better outcomes. After a year of due diligence, the technology, culture, and team at StratiFi were the perfect fit.

Kyle Wiggs

President, UX Wealth

Having a good relationship between compliance officers and financial advisors is one of the most important keys to success of a RIA. I am impressed by StratiFi's PRISM Rating system that provides a comprehensive evaluation of every portfolio.

Tito Pombra

President Adviser Compliance

StratiFi cements the relationship aspects of the advisor/client interface and, correctly, accounts for the learning about actual risk and the consequent changes in what level of risk a client will or will not accept … or will seek.

Tim Kochis

ex-CEO of Aspiriant

StratiFi allows our advisors to effectively aggregate risk across accounts to provide a robust framework for the investment discussion. The digitization of the client risk assessment and the automationof the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) create a highly impactful.

Vikram Chugh

Robertson Stephens’ Chief Operating Officer

After working with the StratiFi team I definitely went on board in terms of implementation. Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, there’s been a slow proliferation of cloud-based software being offered.

Chris Park

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Ingalls & Snyder

Understanding risk is an important part of a client’s intelligent financial life. The synchronization of clients’ risk scores across platforms enhances the planning experience by eliminating redundancy and providing more precise results.

Tony Leal

President of Envestnet | MoneyGuide

StratiFi’s more nuanced approach to risk creates an ideal partnership opportunity as CircleBlack can represent those insights at the most effective point of impact for advisors and investors.

Alex Sauickie

ex-CEO of CircleBlack

The Wealthbox team is thrilled to add StratiFi to our ecosystem as a risk management solution. The StratiFi platform is an excellent fit with Wealthbox for our mutual advisor customers to help them make their clients successful.

Jomin Bishop

VP of Sales at Wealthbox

Our beliefs is that advisors require a streamlined and thoughtful approach when they communicate internally as well as with the investors. It’s a given that the appetite for risk differs for all investors depending on where they are in their financial lives.

Brian McLaughlin

CEO of Redtail Technology

StratiFi's PRISM rating is an important part of our advisory practice. Thanks to its powerful risk management and portfolio oversight capabilities, I am confident that clients can make informed decisions, plan for their future and see it become a reality!

Elizabeth Luna


StratiFi's PRISM rating is a core part of our client on-boarding process. It enables my clients to quantify their risk and helps me in recommending the correct mix of investments.

Dave Lewis


StratiFi's Investment Policy Statement tool makes generating and using an IPS super easy. The platform makes standardization AND customization extremely efficient and saves me and my clients a lot of time.

Josh Bennett


Demonstrating to my clients in a tangible, unbiased-fashion that thereare ways to deliver desired returns while significantly reducing risk is ofparamount importance. StratiFi’s PRISM rating allows me to accomplish this in avery hands-on manner.

Paul Donlon


I’ve found the Drift feature helpful in keeping clients risk tolerance in line!

Daniel Cavise

Private Wealth Advisor at Gladstone Wealth Group

I truly feel that this software will be helpful, the drift function especially.

Joshua Diamond

The Choice Group

This software offers a lot of different functions that are helpful.

Dawn Pisacreta

Symmetry Wealth Advisory Group

I like the investment proposal, compare, & analyze tools. Also the performance capability as well! Ultimately generating a proposal that also contains a risk assessment!

Anthony Caruso

The Templar Financial Group

I appreciate the ease and adaptability of the software.

Renee Welch

Silverleaf Wealth Management

StratiFi provides a structured process that not only saves time but also allows us to help prospects and clients walk through an easy to comprehend risk analysis.

Adam Vega

Avance Private Wealth Management

StratiFi is the perfect way to explain why you're recommending changes to a client's portfolio in a way that they can visually understand it.

Brian Hoffman

Gladstone Investment Advisory

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