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Pay upfront to save 20% on your annual subscription and get a better plan!


Risk analysis for portfolios and prospects
per month
(12 monthly payments)
per year
(1 annual payment)

  • Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
  • Includes 150 accounts
  • Unlimited Support Licenses
  • Includes 10 model portfolios
  • Embed Calendar Link For Meetings
  • Integrations


Modern technology for industry-leading firms
per month
(12 monthly payments)
per year
(1 annual payment)

Features from Essential and:

  • Includes 750 accounts
  • Drift alerts
  • IPS templates
  • Business analytics
  • Team communication
  • Compliance training


Full risk management suite for enterprise firms
per month
(12 monthly payments)
per year
(1 annual payment)

Features from Premium and:

  • Includes 3000 accounts
  • RTQ Customization
  • Advisor Coaching
  • Investment Support
  • Data Migration
  • Weekly Email Summaries
  • And more

* All plans are annual subscriptions. Additional account packs can be added to any plan.

Features Included With Each Plan:

Features Lite Essential Premium Platinum
Advisor Licenses included 1 Unlimited Unlimited Call for detail
Support Licenses included Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Call for detail
Accounts Included 150 500 (account packs available) 750 (account packs available) 3000 (account packs available)
Prospects Included 50 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Model Portfolios Included 10 30 100 Unlimited
Risk Tolerance Questionnaire        
Financial Capacity Questionnaire        
Risk Tolerance Widget        
PRISM: In-Depth Risk Factor Analysis        
Compare Portfolios        
Topics To Discuss        
Embed Calendar Link For Meetings        
Held Away Account Sync Up to 3 clients Up to 25 clients Unlimited Unlimited
Investment Proposals    
Clients & Households        
Investment Policy Statements (IPS)        
Advisor Training        
IPS & Proposal Templates        
Client Check-In        
Compliance Pack        
Business Analytics        
Team Communication        
Compliance Training        
RTQ Customization        
Weekly Email Summary        
Data Migration        
Investment Support        
Advisor Coaching        
*and more

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