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From risk profiling and IPS generation to building portfolios and compliance oversight… streamline everything in one powerful platform.

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How it Works


Three Simple Steps To Win Prospects & Impress Clients

With our Risk Over Returns approach, every advisor can present risk analysis in a consistent, consultative manner—giving you a competitive advantage in any market condition.

Asses risk tolerance & capacity to enlighten clients about their risk profile and investments.

Analyze investments, risk factors, yield, and expenses to help clients save money and improve odds of success.

Align your clients, investments and compliance, around the long-term financial plan and reduce risk.

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Whether you need streamlined prospecting, better ways to educate clients on risk, or compliance, we have tools to make managing portfolios more efficient.
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Cumulative $Assets Monitored
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Portfolios Analyzed For Risk
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Proposals & IPS Generated


Provide clients with an overview of investment objectives.


Document investment strategies for consistent & informed decison-making.


Understand your client’s risk tolerance and capacity to find a suitable portfolio.


Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Alts, Real Estate, Crypto and more.


Use PRISM to analyze portfolios and reduce compliance and investment risk.


Help clients understand market volitility and impacts to their portfolios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

StratiFi is a risk management platform that provides a one-stop-shop solution for portfolio risk analysis, client risk profiling and compliance so firms can manage the right risks that are essential for their success.

StratiFi is used by financial advisors and compliance officers. Financial advisors use StratiFi to educate prospects and clients to grow their practice. Compliance officers use StratiFi to monitor risk and reduce liability.

StratiFi’s PRISM technology provides Factor-based risk analysis that is deep and robust. This allows you to distinguish between factors that increase upside potential from factors that reduce downside risk. Our client profiling questionnaire evaluates both risk tolerance and financial capacity to help you identify a suitable portfolio for your clients to meet their goals.

Our platform is sophisticated yet simple so you know what drives risk and can explain it to clients.

Learn more about PRISM.

StratiFi can handle almost any kind of investment including Alts and SMAs.

The most common type of investments we support include Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Interval Funds, Real Estate, Alternatives, Options, Crypto and SMAs.

Yes, with carefully designed user experience and data visualizations, our users find the platform very intuitive and start to use it immediately.

StratiFi’s charts and graphs represent the financial data more effectively and easily than any other software in the marketplace making it easier for advisors to communicate the benefits to end clients.

Yes, StratiFi has most of the features that Riskalyze has and more. 

With StratiFi, firms can eliminate additional software expenses and empower advisors to focus on the right risks with a modern risk management solution.

StratiFi brings the entire practice together on one system to facilitate better decisions that increase revenue, save money, reduce liability and improve ROI.

Firms can save up to 40% compared to their current solution. Ask us about our specials.

StratiFi integrates with leading wealth technologies like Blackdiamond, Orion, Circleblack, Addepar, Wealthbox, Redtail, Moneyguide and more.

We likely connect to your custodian through our direct and partner integrations that gives us access to over 20,000 financial institutions.

Check our Partners page for more information.

Send us a message to check if we integrate with your tech stack.

Our four main features are all designed to provide an integrated user experience.

  • PRISM Factor-based Risk Analysis

  • Proposal & IPS Reports

  • Book-level Analytics

  • Compliance Oversight

PRISM is a deep and accurate investment risk analysis engine that helps advisors understand which sources of risk drive performance on the upside and on the downside. This helps our advisors deliver a much better client investment experience that is in line with the client’s risk profile.

Our Proposal & IPS reports allow advisors to close prospects and increase the wallet share of existing clients. StratiFi provides a sequence of returns risk analysis that is essential for advisors working with retirees so they can explain to them not only their asset allocation but also their risk. Clients can finally understand how their advisor can help them reduce downside risk and increase upside potential to achieve their desired outcome.

StratiFi’s book level analytics give advisors the insights they need to successfully manage their entire book of business and empower advisors to focus on the right clients immediately.

Our compliance and oversight functionality enables firms to easily find exceptions and act quickly to protect themselves from lawsuits that at times can cost millions of dollars in fines.

StratiFi provides a revolutionary experience for wealth management companies of all sizes.

One of the ways StratiFi differentiates itself is by providing our customers with exceptional service. We are committed to your success.

You will be provided with a customer success specialist who will assist you with training and support to make sure you see a positive ROI with StratiFi. In addition, you’ll have access to our Learning Center that provides you with detailed video tutorials.

Yes, we use returns to assess risk by default. If you provide us with the returns, we will add them to the platform for you to use. 

Yes, we do. Message us and we will set you up with our API docs and postman collection.

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