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StratiFi's proactive risk management for financial advisors can lead to more dependable investment outcomes and a superior client experience.

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Diversification May Not Equal Protection

Traditional diversification can leave portfolios exposed to unnecessary, and often hidden, risk. Portfolios that are negatively correlated
to volatility are exposed to large coordinated loss events during market downturns.

What You Think You’re investing in:

  • Managed Futures
  • US Equities
  • International Equities
  • Real Estate
  • Emerging Markets Equities
  • Private Equity
  • High Yield Credit
  • Commodities

What you’re Actually investing in:

  • Positive Correlation to Volatility
  • Negative Correlation to Volatility

Conversely, being positively correlated to volatility can be the source of considerable profit during market declines or crises.

Find Out The PRISMTM Score For Your Portfolio

PRISMTM - StratiFi's proprietary risk identification tool - measures risk that is often hidden in portfolios.
PRISM quantifies portfolio risk in a single, easy to understand score, and provides actionable insights for advisors to mitigate that risk
and validate their value proposition to their clients.

Sample PRISM Report:
60% Equity /40% Fixed Income Portfolio
(Q1 1999 - Q1 2017)

*With StratiFi Risk Reduction and Tail Risk Overlays.

Discover hidden risk in your client's portfolios.

Get Your Prism Score Get Your Prism Score

Our Powerful Solutions Do More Than Just Reduce Risk

StratiFi employs a diverse range of strategies to meet the hedging needs of almost any client. However, our solutions do more than
provide superior protection in bear and crisis markets:

The Power of Option Overlays

Option Overlays are a proven tool to manage risk. The investments sit on top of a client’s portfolio which means that
they complement the existing asset allocation and do not require advisors to change their positions.

Non-disruptive to
existing asset allocations
Reduce risk without tax consequences



Add incremental returns to portfolios
Customized to individual client portfolios
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Easy to Implement, Simple to Execute

StratiFi is a digital experience designed specifically for financial advisors.

  • Analyze

    Use PRISM, our proprietary risk identification tool, to identify portfolio risk and find the right StratiFi solution.

  • Invest

    Investing in the strategies is simple, just a few clicks and it is done. StratiFi then handles all of the trading and execution.

  • Manage

    StratiFi systematically manages the strategies along with rebalancing and optimizing strategy allocation.

  • Report

    Customized performance reports, whitelabled to include your firm’s branding, are ready to send at the push of a button.

Learn About Risk and the Markets

Gain insight into how StratiFi understands risk and approaches the markets to help make you a smarter more informed investor.

StratiFi Blog

Learn about our take on the markets, practice managment tips and what's new at StratiFi

Talking Politics is Talking Volatility

Ralph Drybrough | Sep 6, 2017

Your phone rings, you look to see who calls, it's a longtime client. You pick it up, and the first thing your clients says is, "Have you seen the headlines today, and do we need to do anything about it?" According to the 2017 Schwab Independent Advisor Outlook Study, 84% of advisors fielded this ...

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Great Reads In Risk Management That Embody Our Investment Philosophy

These authors provide invaluable insights about risk in both markets and human behavior.

Decrease Your Portfolio Risk.

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