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Know Risk.
More Reward.

Harness institutional investment technology traditionally reserved for the world’s wealthiest, most sophisticated investors.

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Constant Portfolio Monitoring and Risk Scoring

Risk can have many faces that result in one negative outcome: Loss. StratiFi can help identify the different faces of risk. StratiFi's proprietary risk identification and scoring technology - PRISM RatingsTM - measures risk that is often hidden in portfolios and quantifies portfolio risk in a single, easy to understand score, and provides actionable insights for advisors to mitigate that risk and act as stewards of capital.

Before And After PRISM Ratings for a Sample
60% Equity /40% Fixed Income Portfolio

example of PRISM report from investment portfolio management software chart showing low risk rating after using StratiFi’s investment portfolio management tools
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The future is uncertain.
Your client's investment future should not be.

Institutional investors have long thought about their investments through a risk-oriented lens that ensures that they mitigate all surface and hidden risks in their portfolio. Our technology makes it easy for advisors to do the same and to communicate complex risk exposures in a way that clients can understand. It’s a powerful tool for advisors to control risk in their own businesses.


Getting Started Is Simple

Our simple, intuitive technology means advisors and their clients no longer have to worry that some random event in the financial markets, which seem to now regularly occur, will interfere with their ability to retire, or even maintain their standard of living in retirement. Anyone willing to simply upload portfolio data, and click a button, will never view investing the same way again.

Upload your portfolio or connect your custodial account
StratiFi’s risk management and investment optimization platform was designed for wealth advisors with ease of use in mind to ensure advisors can spend more time growing their practices and educating clients to help achieve their financial goals.
how it works
Analyze your portfolio with  
Our risk technology uses proprietary algorithms that analyze thousands of securities to quantify a portfolio’s exposure to volatility, correlation, tail and concentrated holding risk into a single, easy to understand score.
how it works
Start managing hidden risk
We provide actionable insights for you to mitigate specific risks and reinforce your value proposition to clients. Find ways to lower or increase risk while also accessing a marketplace of approved firms with expertise managing and reducing investment risk.

Financial Advisors Protect Their Clients And Their Practices By Managing Risk

We live in the age of volatility, and too many investors and advisors are unsure what to do. We believe the old ways of managing wealth worked well before technology and globalization radically changed how we must think about risk. Our approach can help safeguard returns, improve client relations by increasing trust and financial literacy.

Source: Goldman Sachs

Empower Yourself And Your Clients To Win By Not Losing

StratiFi’s technology democratizes risk solutions normally reserved for major institutional investors so everyone can optimize returns. Anyone who can upload a document, and click a few computer keys, will never view investing the same way again.

  • proactive Proactive Not Reactive Risk Management
  • Help advisors Help Advisors differentiate their business in a competitive landscape.
  • tax cost Learn how to manage equity risk without triggering tax events
  • seamlessly Learn how to identify and hedge Concentrated Positions

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Interested in improving your client's financial well-being?
Try StratiFi