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Don’t Be a Victim of the Markets… Invest in Yourself

You can’t control investors who greed in and out of the markets at the wrong times, right? 

But you can control how you react, how much you hustle, and how hard you work on yourself, can’t you?

Take it from our Founder & CEO, Akhil Lodha.

When I joined StratiFi, there were moments of frustration I had with learning how much our platform can impact the growth of financial advisors. In one case, a new firm grew from $0 – $100 million in AUM in under 12 months. Pretty remarkable, right?

Well, one day I was sulking because I was getting rejected on every sales call. Have you ever felt that way?

Akhil noticed, pulled me aside and shared his story about the time before he started StratiFi.

He said he was offered admission to Columbia, Cornell, and others. Even given a full scholarship. But he turned them down.

He wanted to go to THE top school for his discipline at the time – Carnegie Mellon University. AND HE GOT IN. 

What could be better, right? But he said he was WRONG.

The global financial crisis unfolded, millions lost their jobs and most companies stopped hiring.

He got rejected by every company he applied to. Sometimes even getting the same rejection email twice….ouch!

How could this have happened? Where did he go wrong?

It wasn’t that he was wrong in picking the school but the times had changed. Just like they have changed now.

He said that sometimes in life you can’t control the hand you are dealt BUT you CAN control how you play it.

Rather than sulk, he prioritized finding a job over learning. He reached out to as many people as he could.

Slowly but surely people started to respond. 

They did not care what school he attended. Some of them were between jobs too, but it didn’t stop them from helping Akhil.

An email led to a call that led to an interview. Finally, he got a job.

He learned that it didn’t matter what school he attended. What mattered was that he had hope and he was willing to hustle.

When the tough gets going, remember Akhil’s story and tell yourself…

Be resilient. Have faith. And hustle.

Karan Motreja Author

I help make life easier for financial advisors. With our PRISM Ratings Tool, your clients can finally understand the risks associated within their portfolio, giving you the ability to take concrete action to lower these risks, while giving your clients peace of mind.

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