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The StratiFi Edge: March Edition

The StratiFi Edge: March Edition

Included in this issue:

– Webinar Replay: StratiFi Risk + CircleBlack

– Product Enhancements

– Kitces on What Advisors Really Want From Their Tech

– Advisor Resource: Convince an Overly Aggressive Investor to Act Wisely



CircleBlack + StratiFi: How an Outstanding Digital Experience Exceeds Investor Expectations

Watch Sarah Rasmuss, Chief Product Officer at CircleBlack, and Akhil Lodha, CEO of StratiFi, as they discuss how an Outstanding Digital Experience can help advisors meet Investors’ expectations and solidify the advisory relationship.

Watch the replay.

StratiFi Product Enhancements Overview

Watch our video above to learn about our latest enhancements! New changes coming this month will include:

✔ Add your branding + company colors to PDFs

✔ Benchmark will be optional for Proposal and Compare & Analyze

✔ Ability to set a minimum $ account value for triggering Drift Exceptions

✔ Automatically import investment objectives from Black Diamond

What Advisors Really Want From Their (Independent) Advisor Technology: Opportunities And Threats

Article by Michael Kitces, Nerd’s Eye View

The Kitces Report, The Technology That Independent Financial Advisors Actually Use (And Like), was released in February 2022, indicating advisors are still looking for risk analysis software to add to their toolbox. The key takeaways:

1️⃣ It’s difficult to determine which technology tools are “best” and “most popular” for most advisor-technology solutions.
2️⃣ Advisors showed a strong desire to switch platforms and an openness to new vendors in risk/behavioral assessments. Not satisfied with the current solutions, many businesses develop their own.
3️⃣ A growing gap in advisor technology exists as the advisor value proposition shifts away from product sales and portfolio management.
4️⃣ Instead of relying on the leading advisor technology firms to fill in their own gaps, advisors are increasingly looking for alternative solutions.

Click here to read the full article.

How To Convince an Overly Aggressive Investor to Act Wisely

This type of investor is hard to convince that they may be taking unnecessary risks in their portfolio. We created an e-book to help. You will learn:

  • Key behavior attributes of an overly aggressive investor
  • Tools to assess their risk profile and identify their motives
  • Strategies to overcome push-back and objections
  • Checklist to master the process of convincing them to act wisely

Email us at info@stratifi.com to receive a free copy!

Akhil Lodha Author
Co-founder & CEO StratiFi Technologies

Building the industry standard for understanding portfolio risk through cutting- edge technology at Stratifi.

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Additional Advisor Resources

Bob Veres features StratiFi in ‘Inside Information’ February 2022 Edition

Bob asks, “Is it really possible that a portfolio risk assessment tool for wealth managers could be as sophisticated as the algorithms that institutional teams are using?”

The Cash Hoarder Playbook for Advisors

Learn how to convince a cash hoarder to invest wisely.
  • Key behavior attributes of a cash hoarder
  • Tools to assess their risk profile and identify their motives
  • Strategies to overcome push-back
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