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Why It’s Good To Be Contrarian Like Warren Buffet

Why It’s Good To Be Contrarian Like Warren Buffet

We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Buffett because volatility is not the definition of risk, is it?

And there’s more to it, too.

We’re nerds when it comes to understanding risk. Just check out this article from our founder, Akhil Lodha, featured in Advisor Perspective.

Seems like the financial services industry is realizing it and we love this for two reasons…

  1. Thinking like a contrarian helps you differentiate your services
  2. You can generate perfect proposals in under 5 minutes with StratiFi that illustrate your expertise about risk with prospects and clients

OK, #2 is a shameless plug….lol…but I want to demonstrate the importance of differentiation and how it helps you help more clients.

Think Like a Contrarian

Any marketing whiz worth a grain of salt will tell you the easiest way to stand out from competitors is to behave the direct opposite.

But it’s harder than expected, wouldn’t you agree?

Besides, how many ways can you slice up financial offerings?

One place to start is by taking a looksie at the top 3 competitors in your area.

Is there really much difference or is each one sayin’ the same thing?

And we both know, you can slap some lipstick on a pig and call it “differentiate”, can you?

It’s why you must be(come) a student of risk.

And the best news is that you can leverage it to demonstrate your expertise and showcase transparency.

Akhil’s article is packed full of golden nuggets. I re-read it a half dozen times and each time something new stuck.

After reading it, let me know if it helps you think contrarian.

Tip: ask “Are you…?”

We know cash hoarders are reluctant to work with an advisor if they feel that their fears aren’t addressed.

Ask questions to uncover why they’re holding cash like…

  • “Are you trying to balance out riskier positions?”
  • “Are you trying to time the market?”
  • “Are you afraid of the stock market and just don’t understand what you should be doing to protect yourself?”

Questions like these give you an opportunity to discuss their rationale, as well as, drawbacks to their approach.


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Karan Motreja Author

I help make life easier for financial advisors. With our PRISM Ratings Tool, your clients can finally understand the risks associated within their portfolio, giving you the ability to take concrete action to lower these risks, while giving your clients peace of mind.

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