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May 2021 Product Release Updates

Model Portfolio Comparisons/Analysis and More

1. Model Portfolio Compare, Edit, and Analyze (in beta)

Problems we aim to solve:

  • “When I create models or rebalance my client’s portfolios, I want to see what each change will make on the risks and performances.”
  • “I want an easy way to compare, edit, and analyze the models and clients’ accounts.”

This new feature is only available for Beta testers. If you want to join, please contact support@stratifi.com. This new feature enables you to compare and edit the allocations of portfolios by comparing them side by side with other portfolios. By using this feature, you also see the risk & performance analysis: what would happen if you make changes to the tickers and weights.

2. Help Link

Need help with understanding the StratiFi platform? A Help button always appears inside the platform navigation for you to easily find useful tutorials in the StratiFi Learning Center.

3. Enhanced Account Settings and Proposal

Problems we aim to solve:

  • “I need to show my clients which accounts are taxable and which are tax-exempt when I present the investment proposals. I had to add this by using MS Excel or PowerPoint.”
  • “Each account can have its own model/strategy depending on the investment goals. I cannot generate proposals with only 1 matching model, in this case, I need blended models/benchmarks.”

Save tax information and a matching model for each account to generate more tailored proposals. This new feature also allows you to generate proposals with blended models and benchmarks.

Minhee Park Administrator
Product Manager
Minhee is leading the product at Stratifi technologies. She has many years of experience in designing games.

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